Tax Abatement Programs In Philly Make New Homes Even More Attractive

Last year, Philadelphia City Council extended the application deadline for its residential tax abatement program to December 31st of this year. It’s a huge home buying advantage that’s not always clearly defined, so let’s take a moment to explain exactly what it means for Northbank buyers.

Property owners in Philly can receive a 100% tax abatement for 10 years. That adds up to significant savings because property taxes represent a major expense every year. Applying for the program is easy and encouraged. What’s more, the program can help you buy more home for the same price, or improve your ability to qualify for a mortgage by putting the total monthly payment within reach.

Northbank is one of the last new developments in Philadelphia to benefit from the full 100% tax abatement. Our sales team is always on hand to answer questions, or you can read more here. Reach out to us today, and find out just how close you are to a new home at Northbank.